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The Jezebel Spirit


What is the Jezebel Spirit and what does it do?   

Ancient Jezebel was a 'real person' a Phoenician Woman who was a pagan worshiper of the god Bel. Bel was the special god of Nippur, perhaps the oldest of Babylonian cities. Nippur was known as a religious centre, and the prestige of Bel was so great that when the city of Babylon became supreme his name was imposed upon that of Merodach, the patron deity of the capital, who was thenceforth known as Bel-Merodach or simply Bel, Babylon was the City that came about from rebellion against the true worship of Yahweh. This woman was married to King Ahab an Israelite King, who literally became her lapdog and she had good people murdered for his desires. This man was a 'Spiritual Eunuch' and gave into everything Jezebel demanded and became totally subordinate to her. In modern marriages, we would say, 'This Woman Wears The Trousers'  

The god Bel, Ba-al has appeared in many guises over the Millennia and is promoted by none other than Satan himself. Demons are behind all false deities and especially the god Bel or Ba-al. This demonic entity has manifest itself through a spirit that was very prominent within the Woman who even had the false god's name in her own name...Jezebel.  She was a Killer of the Prophets of Yahweh the true God of Israel.

Without question, this Spirit is the nastiest, evil, most disgusting, cunning, and seductive spirit in Satan’s hierarchy and is known in the Bible as the Jezebel spirit. So who was Jezebel? It is a manipulative and deceptive spirit that seeks control by flattery, seduction and this Demonic spirit loves to kill off the Prophets, Evangelists, True Teachers & Preachers of Gods Word.

Another main intention of this evil spirit, is to KILL babies (Abortions are like offerings to the ancient god Molech) Therefore it fosters the spirit of the Necromancer (Death) Murder, Suicide and Drug taking and all the evils associated with that.  



Ancient god Molech Babies being offered in the fire                   Ancient Ziggurat in Babylon

So how does this spirit get into a Church situation?

As this spirit is all about worship to Satan, it will do all it can to infiltrate and oppose all worship, honour and Glory to the Great I AM, Yahweh and the Son Yeshua. 

Jesus Christ revealed to the Apostle John in Revelation 2:20 about another Jezebel....

"Notwithstanding I have a few things against thee, because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel, which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols".

Therefore this Jezebel Spirit should not be tolerated in any Church situation and should be broken off by fervent prayer and deliverance. The Elders back in the early Ecclesia in Thyatira obviously did not recognise this evil spirit for what it was.  The Lord Jesus Christ himself counselled this Church and held it against it because it allowed it to cause havoc within the body of Christ.

What makes this so significant is the fact that not only was the spirit of Jezebel tolerated, but also she was not even interfered with. The leaders of Thyatira allowed her to manifest in their church, and this was tragic! Jezebel will never be conquered unless she is confronted. It was so terrible to Jesus that He said, “I have a FEW things against you.” Therefore a Church must never tolerate what Jesus wants to obliterate.

Jesus held their 'tolerant' attitude against the church because He was fully cognizant of the damage the spirit of Jezebel could inflict. In the same way He wanted the church in Thyatira to be aware of the spirit of Jezebel, He wants us to be aware of this same Spirit as well. But it is not enough to just be aware of her; she must be dealt with, or destruction of the Pastor, Prophet, Evangelist, Teacher and Prayer Warriors will take place. 

Jezebel is fiercely independent and intensely ambitious for pre-eminence and control. It is note-worthy that the name Jezebel,'' literally translated, means 'without cohabitation', This simply means she refuses 'to live together' or 'co-habit' with anyone. Jezebel will not dwell with anyone unless she can control and dominate the relationship. When she seems submissive or 'servant-like', it is only for the sake of gaining some strategic advantage. From her heart, she yields to no one. 

Bear in mind that the spirit which produced Jezebel existed before its namesake was born. Although we refer to Jezebel as 'she', this spirit is without gender. However, it is important to note that, while men in leadership are the main targets of most principalities, Jezebel is more attract-ed to the uniqueness of the female psyche in its sophisticated ability to manipulate without physical force. 

Look for Jezebel to target women who are embittered against men, either through neglect or misuse of authority. This spirit operates through women who, because of insecurity, jealousy or vanity, desire to dominate others. The spirit of Jezebel is right behind the woman who publicly humiliates her husband with her tongue, and there after controls him by his fear of public embarrassment. 

While she uses every means of sexual perversity known in hell, immorality is not the issue; control is what she seeks, using the power of sexual passions for the purpose of possessing men. To a woman under the influence of Jezebel, 'conquering' a man need not involve physical contact if a seductive glance of her eyes will capture him. This sly Woman seeks to get in with the Pastor and seek to become his friend and in the 'spiritual realm his lover'. He will then regard her as an indispensable part of his Ministry. She will endeavour to manipulate things to come in between the Pastor and his wife and family.    

What Jezebel Hates 

Jezebel's worst enemies are the prophets; her worst fear is that the people will embrace repentance. Jezebel hates repentance. Though this spirit will infiltrate the church, masking its desire for control with true Christian doctrines, it will hide from true repentance. Jezebel hates humility. Jesus taught that greatness in the kingdom was not measured in what we seem to be, but in childlike honesty of heart. A true ministry is willing and eager to be submitted and accountable to other ministries. It is typical of those who are servant-minded.

Therefore, we must learn that spirituality is measured in meekness, not power. Jezebel hates prayer. Intercessory prayer pries her fingers off the hearts and souls of men. It sets people free in the spirit. When you pray, it binds her. When you pray against immorality, it cripples her. When you pray for a submissive heart, it is like the trampling of Jehu's horse upon her body. Jezebel hates the prophets, for the prophets speak out against her. The prophets are her worst enemies. When she wars, it is to stir people against the message of the prophetic church.

More than she hates the prophets, she 'hates the words they speak'. Her real enemy is the spoken Word of God. Jezebel's ultimate hatred is against God Himself. She hates the grace God lavishes upon His bond-servants, even after they sin. She hates the fact that God will take the weakest and lowliest and use them to bring her down. She hates the holiness and purity of heart that comes from God and surrounds those who serve in His courts. 


Let's pray: Father, we submit to You and Your standard of righteousness. We ask for purity, meekness and holiness of heart. Forgive us for our tolerance of the spirit of Jezebel in both our mind and our deeds. 

Father, because we submit to You, we have Your authority to resist the devil. We bind, in the name of Jesus, the principality of Jezebel. We pull down the stronghold of its thinking over our community, state or Church. We come against the fortresses this demon has built up in the spirit realm in this area and we release the Holy Spirit to plunder the house of Jezebel and distribute her goods. We also speak faithfulness of eyes and heart to husbands and wives.

We release purity of heart and grace to each member of the body of Christ, both single and married. We cover Your people with the blood of Jesus. We loose the joy of a humble and submissive spirit and pull down the imaginations of ambition and pride.

In Jesus' name. Amen!