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Historical Truth Of The Jehovah's Witnesses


Dear Truth Seeker.....If you are already a Jehovah's Witness, you have been told that you are in the 'Truth' and every other belief is False. You live a life of faith and obedience to many rules and requirements, which is commendable.

Jesus Christ HIMSELF said this in John 14:6 

"Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the TRUTH, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me". So within this one short verse we see who is the why does any other group or religion claim they ALONE are the truth?" 

Firstly you really need to know the REAL HISTORICAL TRUTH about the religion you have put all your trust in?

Here is just a summary of the beginnings of what you are told is the 'truth' 

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Most Jehovah's Witnesses are very faithful and sincere people. However they are not saved and have to rely on works, which the Bible clearly teaches will not earn us life. Everlasting life is a free gift of God and Jesus Christ taught that 'All who call on the name of the Lord, WILL be saved' So it is all about accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour and not any man made religion. So let us look at the man made Watchtower religion that has only been in existence for less than 160 years.

If you are a JW you can be saved right now by asking the Lord Jesus Christ to be Lord of your life and accept him after repenting of your unbelief in HIM rather than man, we are all sinners from Adam, so we need to be set free from bondage to fear and guilt that religions like the Watchtower impose on its millions of followers. 

This is a brief History of the religion developed by the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society, otherwise known World Wide as Jehovah's Witnesses.

   Charles Taze Russell Set Up the Tower of Darkness...   

It all began back in the 1870s, when a young man rebelled against his Presbyterian upbringing and began to look into esoteric beliefs from antiquity and especially ancient Egypt.  He gave up his well paid position in his Fathers drapery business and put all of his money into publishing tracts, magazines and books.  Strangely he entitled the magazines the 'Zions Watchtower' and the 'Golden Age' both indications of Masonic involvement.  It did not just end with using these names, he even put logo's of Osiris wings and eye of Horus on the front cover of his books. He was also totally drawn into Pyramid fascination and tried to weave it into Biblical teachings. His grave site has a Pyramid next to it, with his image and the Watchtower engraved upon it. See it here It has Become IDOL Worship for all those who still follow him who are called 'The Bible Students' who were regarded as Evil Slave in 1919 and by the current crop of Watchtower Devotee's.  

However he then began to build up a large following of people who were disillusioned with the Organised religions of the day.  He also used the name 'Millennial Dawn' for another publication and wrote many books known as 'Studies in the Scriptures' which are all now redundant and regarded as false teachings by the 'Modern Day Watchtower Society' , which gave rise to the terms Russellites, or Millennial Dawnists .  He spoke a lot about the 'New World' and later changed to 'New World Order' (ring any bells?)


Some of his books with the Wings of Osiris/Horus and 2 serpents on them

His main teachings focused on the name Jehovah as being the Divine name and taught that there was no Hell and no Trinity. He basically accepted much of traditional Christian teachings other than those main doctrines and directed much of his teachings to the End of the Age prophesied by him to occur in 1914.  Obviously when that teaching failed, he became very disappointed and died 2 years later on a train.

  Actual proof Magazine that foretold Armageddon was to come in 1914. 

After that a Lawyer named Joseph Rutherford seized control of the Society and got rid of Russell's closest friends who he later referred to as the 'Evil Slave Class' and because of that, he gradually set up his total control of the World Wide Brotherhood and started to develop the teaching of the 'Faithful & Discreet Slave Class' which of course was basically him and his 'Governing Body' who all did his bidding. It was Rutherford who later gave the religion its name  Jehovah's Witnesses, in order to disentangle himself with the other Bible Student groups who still followed Russell and whom he called 'Evil Slave' and a number of those groups are still around today.  He taught from 1919 that 'Millions 'NOW' living will never die' Then later WT leaders changed this to 'Millions now living 'MAY' never die', so again airbrushing their false predictions.

Gradually the Watchtower religion became a big Corporation based in New York with many publishing houses around the World and all funded by 'free' labour and huge donations from many around the World. Rutherford lived in Luxury and drove expensive Cadillac's during the depression in the USA. He had a Mansion built in California called 'Beth Sarim' supposedly for the faithful men of old who were to return to the earth in 1925, but when that failed he still had the Mansion built in 1929 (another failed prophecy).  Modern JWs usually know none of this, as it has been airbrushed out of their history. Pictures of Rutherford and Beth Sarim  There are many sites that highlight what he did and specially about his addiction to alcohol.

Since Rutherford's death in 1942, the religion has been run by a number of 'Presidents' who have changed the Society to their liking each time.  One of the major influencers was Fredrick Franz who was virtually revered by the Brotherhood during the 1960's through to the 1980's and it was him, who gave another false prophecy that 1975 would be the year when Armageddon would strike the Wicked World. 

My wife and I lived right through this ridiculous time serving a corrupt imperfect religion, who claims it is the only truth on the Earth. Franz was very involved in the translation of the NWT and was one of the anonymous 'experts' of Biblical translation. It transpired that none of them were experts in language of any type, except that Franz had done quick courses in Greek & Some other languages. 

He claimed he was a Hebrew & Greek Scholar, yet in a trial in Scotland it was shown that he did not have a command of Hebrew as he did not speak it, when asked directly in Court. Link. also Link

During the late 1970's Ray Franz a member of the Governing Body and a Nephew of the President, revealed that their Chronology was inaccurate and that the date the WT love 607 BCE was not correct. Because he was the writer responsible for their huge reference book, he naturally wanted to correct it, however this started off 'Warning Bells' amongst the other Governing Body members.  Eventually led to this faithful man being thrown out of the Religion he grew up in and losing his Home and Finances.

He later wrote two books 'Crisis of Conscience' and 'In Search of Christian Freedom'

We were caught in this deception for 49-52 years between us. So glad the Lord Jesus Christ set us free.


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